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Hook Type: action

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Displaying hooks found in version: woocommerce.7.1.0

do_action('woocommerce_untrash_order') is found 1 times:

  • /src/Internal/DataStores/Orders/OrdersTableDataStore.php line 1855
    		 * @param int    $order_id        Order ID.
    		 * @param string $previous_status The status of the order before it was trashed.
    		do_action( 'woocommerce_untrash_order', $order->get_id(), $previous_status );
    		$order->set_status( $previous_status );
    		// Was the status successfully restored? Let's clean up the meta and indicate success...
    		if ( 'wc-' . $order->get_status() === $previous_status ) {