Hook Type: filter

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Displaying hooks found in version: woocommerce.6.9.4

apply_filters('woocommerce_orders_table_datastore_extra_db_rows_for_order') is found 1 times:

  • /src/Internal/DataStores/Orders/OrdersTableDataStore.php line 1023
    		 *                   keys 'table', 'data' (the row), 'format' (row format), 'where' and 'where_format'.
    		 * @param \WC_Order  The order object.
    		 * @param string     The context of the operation: 'create' or 'update'.
    		$ext_rows = apply_filters( 'woocommerce_orders_table_datastore_extra_db_rows_for_order', array(), $order, $context );
    		return array_merge( $result, $ext_rows );
    	 * Produces an array with keys 'row' and 'format' that can be passed to `$wpdb->update()` as the `$data` and