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Displaying hooks found in version: woocommerce.7.1.0

apply_filters('woocommerce_feature_description_tip') is found 1 times:

  • /src/Internal/Features/FeaturesController.php line 669
    		 * @param string $feature_id The id of the feature for which the description tip is being customized.
    		 * @param bool $disabled True if the UI currently prevents changing the enable/disable status of the feature.
    		 * @return string The new description tip to use.
    		$desc_tip = apply_filters( 'woocommerce_feature_description_tip', $desc_tip, $feature_id, $disabled );
    		return array(
    			'title'    => $feature['name'],
    			'desc'     => $description,
    			'type'     => 'checkbox',
    			'id'       => $this->feature_enable_option_name( $feature_id ),

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