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Hook Type: action
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Displaying hooks found in version: wp-stateless.4.0.3

do_action('wp_stateless_batch_task_finished') is found 1 times:

  • /lib/classes/batch/class-batch-task-manager.php line 256
        do_action('wp_stateless_batch_task_finished', $class);
        $site = site_url();
        $subject = sprintf( __('WP-Stateless: Data Optimization Complete', ud_get_stateless_media()->domain) );
        $message = sprintf(
          __("WP-Stateless data has been optimized for %s.\n\nIf you have WP_STATELESS_SYNC_LOG or WP_DEBUG_LOG enabled, review those logs now to review any errors that may have occurred during the synchronization process.", ud_get_stateless_media()->domain), 

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