Hook Type: filter

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Displaying hooks found in version: advanced-custom-fields.6.2.1

apply_filters('acf/rest/get_field_schema') is found 1 times:

  • /includes/rest-api/acf-rest-api-functions.php line 25
    	 * @param array $schema The field schema array.
    	 * @param array $field The field array.
    	return (array) apply_filters( 'acf/rest/get_field_schema', $schema, $field );
    acf_add_filter_variations( 'acf/rest/get_field_schema', array( 'type', 'name', 'key' ), 1 );
     * Get the REST API field links for a given field. The links are appended to the REST response under the _links property