Hook Type: filter

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Displaying hooks found in version: advanced-custom-fields.6.2.1

apply_filters('acf/pre_update_{$this->hook_name}') is found 1 times:

  • /includes/class-acf-internal-post-type.php line 482
    			 * @since 6.1
    			 * @param array $post The main ACF post array.
    			$post = apply_filters( "acf/pre_update_{$this->hook_name}", $post );
    			// Make a backup of internal post type data and remove some args.
    			$_post = $post;
    			acf_extract_vars( $_post, array( 'ID', 'key', 'title', 'menu_order', 'fields', 'active', '_valid', '_parent' ) );
    			// Create array of data to save.